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Bubbling Botanicals

Purple Lavender Bubbling Play Powder

Purple Lavender Bubbling Play Powder

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Our Bubbling Play Powder is made with colorful plant pigments, dried botanicals, and biodegradable glitter to bring your child joyful, imaginative play that is rooted in nature. Just add water and watch the magic happen!

1 Place a few small scoops into a bowl
2 Add a splash of water over the play powder
3 Stir in a little imagination and repeat

Winter Bubbling Play Powder is a fragrant, purple bubbly with lavender buds, biodegradable glitter, and gold flake.

Baking soda, citric acid, lavender, gomphrena flower, purple potato powder, butterfly pea powder, gold flake, biodegradable glitter

Bubbling Botanicals is intended for children ages three years and older. This product is not intended for bath or consumption. Use as directed.

This listing is for one, three ounce, pouch of Bubbling Play Powder.

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