Seaside Sensory Tray

Seaside Sensory Tray

The summer collection is reminiscent of afternoons spent at the beach, with sandy toes and a bucket full of shells. Doesn't the Sea Glass Bubbling Play Powder make you feel like you're beachside? Agh.

You can recreate this sensory tray in just a few minutes, and keep the kids entertained all afternoon- score! Here's how:

Using your platter, trofast bin, or a mud kitchen sink, arrange rocks and pebbles alongside two edges of the tray.

Line the inner edge of each rocky border with Seashell Bubbling Play Powder, and add a line of Sea Glass Bubbling Play Powder down the center of your tray. Sea Glass will foam up quite a bit, so you can conserve your play powder by making a narrow tray that will expand with water!

After adding your play powder, sprinkle your rocks with seashells, seaglass, and other nature treasure.

The trick to keep play going is a few additional containers- keep them empty and let the kids get creative! Droppers, small scoops, and other engaging tools also encourage imaginative play.

Check out a few sensory trays that our friends have made with the summer collection:

top left: @littles_can, top right: @wildlyfanciful, bottom left: @littlemyro, bottom right: @ourkindredadventures 

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